Who pays the funeral?- Aid and credit for a funeral.

You have to pay the funeral, which can sometimes be very expensive, especially if the deceased had not planned anything for his funeral. This is probably taboo, but the credit here has all its importance.

How much does death cost?

How much does death cost?

This taboo of our society is a topic of discussion carefully avoided by most people. How many of us know exactly how much a burial costs? If we have never been confronted with it, it is not necessarily something that we think about, it is even rather something that we avoid evoking! Yet nobody escapes, everyone is concerned: one day or another, we will be faced with such an expense. Death is already quite difficult, so it’s useless to complicate it even more with money problems. We will see how to make it as easy as possible for burial of a loved one or for our own funeral.

Each deceased person has the right to have a funeral. But who pays? The answer is simple: the dead man himself! Or more exactly, the deceased’s property will be used to pay for his funeral. For practical reasons, the money of the deceased present on his bank accounts not necessarily available immediately, one or more of his heirs can advance the amount necessary for funeral expenses, being reimbursed later on the property of the estate.

Good to know: 

Good to know: 

the funeral agency can usually draw directly from the bank account of the deceased money needed for funerals, up to a limit of 3050 €. The heirs provide the agency with a RIB of the deceased person.

Finally, a conventional credit, with a bank or a credit company. Of course, one must meet the conditions required to be able to make a credit, namely the rule of thumb: that the sum of all the credits that one reimburses does not exceed one third of its revenues.

Who pays the credit after death?

If the deceased person still had credits to pay, it is up to the heirs to pay these debts, if they accept the estate. For some loans, such as mortgage loans for example, the borrower was able to take out insurance that reimburses the credit at his death, the heirs then having nothing to pay, except of course the taxes on the estate.

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Difficult to make the right choices when it comes to the funeral of a loved one.

The loss of a loved one is one of the times when a person is the most emotionally fragile, not necessarily being able to assess and correctly judge the different funeral financing options. There are, however, many solutions, ranging from credit to conventional consumption aid to the municipality, through funeral insurance. What is certain is that everyone has the right to eternal rest, and everyone has the right to funerals. If the family can not pay them, the state, through the commune of the place of death, must pay the funeral expenses.

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