Defend against abusive collections of credits.

Debt collection companies have stricken a normal procedure for recovering debts and are prepared to go to the point of undue recovery. In case of harassment, it is possible to defend against these abusive procedures.

Many credit agencies resort to collection companies when they can no longer recover their money. They do it when the indebted person does not pay any more.

Credit prescription article on free lawyers

Credit prescription article on free lawyers

It is to the usher that you will have to repay the amount due. If not you know, he will come to your house to take your furniture, he will take your money in your bank account, until he has enough money to repay your debt. These are attribution seizures, which freezes on your bank account the amount of debt (without having the right to block your bank account totally), and sales foreclosures, which, as the name suggests, consists of seizure of your belongings. The seizure of your property is possible only if you owe more than 535 euros.

It should be known that in each high court there is an executing judge. Its role is to know if you have not been the victim of abuse committed during a court decision. It is to him that one must address in priority if you feel victim of an abuse. To help you in these difficult times, you can always consult a free lawyer, a service that can be found in town halls for example. Legal aid is fundamental in sensitive situations such as payment orders.

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Faced with an abuse of recovery, do not be fooled!

Some collection companies exaggerate in their processes to recover debts. Even going sometimes to the limit of the illegal, or simply making a mistake.

This is the time to defend against the abuses of collection companies. Fortunately, the law protects against harassment, and in the event of abuse, the debtor can lodge a complaint and even cancel the debt, which is often prescribed.

To defend oneself, one can resort to the help of a free lawyer and the judge of the execution, which will evaluate whether or not the procedure of recovery is abusive.


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