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Here you will find offers and differences between corporate loans for companies and corporate loans for the self-employed. Apply to get the personal loan for the self-employed, while accountants apply for the corporate loan. The Eicredit Business Credit Direct offers very cheap online interest rates. The term and the net loan amount as well as the purpose of the company credit are freely selectable. Loans for the self-employed and freelancers – Company credit comparison.

Business loans of Eicredit

Business loans of Eicredit

Eicredit AG is headquartered in Bonn and is one of the most important in Germany. The main shareholder is Dundes Bank, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. The company is headquartered in Germany. The predecessor of Eicredit is Eicredit, which has become known from the past few decades. Today Eicredit has more than 1,000 branches throughout Germany, both in the metropolises and in the surrounding area.

Eicredit can act as a universal credit institution in all areas of the banking business. A special credit offer from Eicredit is the Eicredit Business Loan. The amount is credited to the company account. For maintenance, the private subscription is transferred from the company account to the private account. It can be used both on the Internet and in all Eicredit branches.

The minimum amount for the Eicredit business loan is 10,000 USD.

The minimum amount for the Eicredit business loan is 10,000 USD.

As a private bank, Eicredit has a different scope for decision-making than, for example, the savings banks and the cities and counties as guarantors. Eicredit is very familiar with the economic situation of companies, the self-employed and the self-employed. This is another reason why the application for a Eicredit business loan is decided immediately and the loan paid out very quickly.

Eicredit Businesskredit does not focus on bureaucracy, but on the intention of the lender to support the self-employed in this situation. As a special service, Eicredit provides a suitable cover for your business loan. This increases the price of loans, but ensures hedging in difficult periods.

Eicredit’s installment insurance, or “rate protection” for short, is payable as a one-off payment upon conclusion of the contract and is part-financed in the Eicredit business loan. It includes the additional unemployment / disability insurance and the repayment of the current loan balance after the death of the borrower and the insured person. The Eicredit Business Loan is designed to enable independent borrowers to respond to specific situations.

If the Eicredit Business Loan is registered on the Internet, the self-employed person will be granted the special online conditions that apply. Eicredit’s telephone support is available on weekdays from 8 am to 9 pm for inquiries, as well as a callback service for applicants.


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